Enter This Sweepstakes and You Could Win Free Books for Life

Bookshop.org is celebrating its second anniversary by gifting one lucky bookworm a lifetime of free books.

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If you're the kind of person who always has their nose buried in a book (and a few more on standby), then this giveaway could be lifechanging. Bookshop.org, an online bookstore that financially supports local, independent bookstores, is celebrating its second anniversary with a huge giveaway that will award one avid reader free books for the rest of their life.

Enter the Golden Bookmark Sweepstakes (yes, that's a reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) now through February 28 for a chance to win free books for life. The prize will be awarded in the form of annual $600 gift cards to Bookshop.org for the next 75 years. The winner will also get to choose a bookstore to receive a one-time $500 donation. Five second place winners will receive a $100 gift card to Bookshop.org.

If you're a true bibliophile, we know you're already calculating how many books you can buy with $600, so we did the math for you. The prize produces a monthly book budget of $50, which means you should have just enough to feed your reading habits with a new book every two weeks. And if that's still not enough, there's always the library!

Participants who want to increase their chances of winning can earn five bonus entries every time a friend enters the sweepstakes using their referral code. Each entrant's unique code is made available after they've submitted their initial entry.

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"We're pleased to launch this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one lucky reader to win free books from Bookshop.org for the rest of their life," Bookshop.org CEO Andy Hunter said in a release. "We are running this sweepstakes not only to celebrate our anniversary, but also (and most importantly) to draw people's attention on the positive difference that local independent bookstores make to our lives—they deserve to be supported always, by everyone."

Good luck to all our fellow book lovers out there!

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