Biltmore Estate

Southerners take their lawns very seriously, and for good reason – we've got some of the most beautiful landscapes around. The National Association of Landscape Professionals has helped us round up some of the prettiest lawns around the South – from the intricacy of Biltmore estate to perfectly manicured backyards.

Blackjack Horticulture; Birmingham, AL Nothing quite says Southern landscape beauty more than a sprawling estate lawn, leading up to the grand entrance of this home.

emBlackjack Horticulture/em

Biltmore Estate; Asheville, NC Multiple gardens encompass the 8,000-acre, stunning historic Vanderbilt estate—but we can't keep our eyes off the perfectly manicured lawn, with its magnificent fountain centerpiece, which paves a green road to the chateau's entrance. Other lawns on the property accompany themed gardens and many were used for croquet and tennis matches near the house in the past.

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Lawns of Dallas; Dallas, TX A perfectly manicured backyard lawn creates a green canvas for a stunning water feature.

emLawns of Dallas/em

Ed Castro Landscape; Atlanta, GA Featuring lighted effects and stone accents, a plush green lawn becomes focal point of this atrium floor.

emEd Castro Landscape/em

Lawns of Dallas; Dallas, TX For serious golfers only: A putting green has been creatively integrated and intricately crafted into this lawn.

emLawns of Dallas/em

Chapel Valley Landscape Company; Woodbine, MD Repeated stepping stones mixed with fresh grass create a checkerboard-effect of tile in this outdoor room, while columns and staked wisteria form the walls and ceiling.

emChapel Valley Landscape/em

Lawns of Dallas; Dallas, TX Tiers of grass in various types, lengths, and textures make a soft yet striking impact at the front of this home.

emLawns of Dallas/em

St. Louis Cathedral and Old Ursuline Convent; New Orleans, LAThe curved-shaped lawn beds surrounding this Louisiana landmark create a distinctive green entrance to the church, and the convent's lawn and shrubbery have an incredible eye-catching, maze-like effect.

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