Once You Use These Plush Bath Sheets, You’ll Never Want Anything Else

These towels are a game-changer.

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Bath Sheets

Cozy Earth

There’s nothing quite like stepping out of a steaming shower and cozying up in a lush towel, but there's something simple that can make that experience even better: Using a bath sheet instead of a bath towel. Bath sheets are longer and wider, leading to a spa-like feel from the comfort of your own home. If your current bath towels just don’t seem like they’re getting the job done, it’s time you make the switch to bath sheets. 

I first got my hands on Cozy Earth’s Premium Plush Bath Sheets about six months ago, and I haven't been using anything else since. Here's why.

About The Bath Sheets 

Cozy Earth’s Premium Plush Bath Sheets retail for $160 and come in a set of two. Measured at 40” x 65”, it’s the perfect oversized fit that’s not too heavy and feels just right. The sheets come in multiple colors including white, charcoal, creme, light grey, sand, and harbor mist. I have the classic white hue and love how it looks in my bathroom.

Bath sheets

Cozy Earth

BUY IT: $120, cozyearth.com

What I Like About The Bath Sheets 

The size of the bath sheets is what first made me fall in love with them—instead of only covering a portion of my body as a regular bath towel does, these sheets are able to dry me and keep me warmer when stepping out into the air (especially during the colder months). The absolute best part has to be the feel and fabric. Crafted from 40% premium viscose bamboo and 60% cotton, the material feels like a literal dream against my skin. It makes drying time quicker and feels like I’m submerged in a cloud-like blanket. 

How To Wash The Bath Sheets 

One of my main concerns when trying out new towels is their longevity. Will they maintain their softness and feel after hundreds of washes? When it comes to the Premium Plush Bath Sheets from Cozy Earth, the answer is a resounding yes. I’ve probably washed them upwards of 40 times since getting them, and they’ve somehow managed to get even softer. Unlike other bath towels and sheets on the market that tend to pill and feel scratchy after a while, these ones feel plusher and cozier than before. 

As for the washing, I wash them as I normally would wash other towels, with detergent and fabric softener. However, since they’re a bit larger and more plush, I’ve found they require more time in the dryer. 

Other Cozy Earth Products You Should Try

I’m a fan of nearly anything from Cozy Earth. Here are some of my other favorite products from the brand.

Waffle Blanket

Waffle Blanket

Cozy Earth

BUY IT: $230, cozyearth.com

The waffle blanket is a total dream. With a waffle pattern and texture, it brings some dimension to my bedding. I like placing it beneath my duvet, and when I make my beds in the morning, I make sure to fold it atop the duvet so it peaks out a bit by my pillows. It’s light and perfect for the warmer months. 

Silk Pillow

Silk pillow

Cozy Earth

BUY IT: $225, cozyearth.com

I have two of Cozy Earth’s silk pillows and don’t ever plan on turning back to anything else. Made from 100% silk that’s as soft as you can imagine, they’ve turned my hot nights into dreamy sleeps. As a hot sleeper, I’ve found I don’t need to turn my pillow over as often too.

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