Watch Cute Wild Foal With “The Zoomies” Run Laps Around Outer Banks Meadow

“Go Dove, go!”

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a tiny wild foal!

Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF) shared a video of an excited little horse attempting to break the sound barrier as she ran circles around a grazing stallion last week. 

Dove Wild Horse

Corolla Wild Horse Fund

“Go Dove go! Foals get the zoomies too!” the Outer Banks nonprofit wrote alongside the entertaining clip on Facebook. “Dove is the first foal of 2023. She was a couple days old when she was first spotted on March 26.”

The harem’s stallion, Rocky, appears unbothered by the foal’s shenanigans. According to a comment from the video’s owner, Barbara Pardue, Dove’s mother “had just stepped behind a tree and she went wild with playtime.”

Remember: Visitors are encouraged to observe these precious horses “from a safe distance.” Feeding the wild horses or getting within 50 feet of them is punishable by law. 

“If you are visiting the beach for spring break, please give the horses plenty of space,” CWHF's caption continues. “Remember you must stay at least 50ft away at all times. Please do not crowd the horses and be especially mindful of Dove and her family if you are fortunate enough to see them.”

CWHF’s ongoing DNA project revealed that Dove is the granddaughter of Amadeo, the 40-year-old blind stallion who passed away in 2020, and Hazel, a female who made headlines by serving as a babysitter for mares who recently gave birth.

To help care for foals like Dove and to fund the vitally important DNA project, visit

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