Corolla Wild Horse Fund Welcomes “Extra Special” First Foal Of The Season

World, meet Dove!

Dove Wild Horse Foal

Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF) is celebrating the birth of the first foal of the season! 

The Outer Banks nonprofit introduced an “extra special” addition to the herd—a filly named Dove—on Facebook yesterday, proclaiming “spring is here, and so are the foals! 

“This filly, named Dove, was born in the last week and appears to be thriving,” CWHF wrote alongside three photos of the youngster. “Her mother is in excellent condition too. Dove is extra special to us because her grandfather is our dear Amadeo, who passed away in 2020.”

The post included a reminder to visitors to give these beautiful creatures plenty of space.

“We know that foals are very exciting, but please remember they are also very fragile and need plenty of space,” the post pleads. “It’s illegal to approach, harass, or entice the horses and you must stay 50ft away from them at all times. Crowding them stresses out the adults and it habituates the foals during a very critical time in their development. The adults can also be very territorial and protective, and by getting too close you are putting yourself in serious danger.”

“Our herd count is less than 100 right now; we cannot afford to lose horses due to human-caused problems,” CWHF continues. “They face so many challenges to their survival that are beyond our control, so please do not make things even more difficult by not following the rules and behaving disrespectfully.”  

Dove’s grandfather, Amadeo, who died at the age of 40, worked as an outreach ambassador for the Fund after he became blind. He was remembered as “king of the beach” and the “heart and soul” of CWHF.

An ongoing DNA project revealed Dove is also the grandchild of Hazel, a female who made headlines by serving as a babysitter for mares who recently gave birth. Hazel, who died in 2021, was estimated to be nearly 30 years old.

To help care for foals like Dove and to fund the vitally important DNA project, visit

Welcome to the world, Dove!

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