Beat The Heat With These Cooling Products, From Eucalyptus Sheets To Ice Rollers

Starting at just $12.

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Cooling Products


As summer approaches, every Southerner dreads the inevitable symptoms of sweltering heat: the air conditioning unit working overtime, sweaty sheets no matter what the thermostat says, reddened cheeks, etc. To beat the rising temperature gauge and mosquito-baiting humidity, we’ve gathered seven cooling products to relieve the April to September discomfort (and all the rest of the year too.) 

As a Floridian, I’m well-versed in picking the coldest possible items to stay refreshed throughout the dog days of summer. Read on for some of my favorite chilly picks to use in warmer weather, starting at just $12. 

Cooling Products For Spring And Summer



Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flow State Tumbler 

This summertime staple is hardly ever in stock, so you’ll want to act quickly to snag it before those beach and pool days. Designed to fit into your car cup holder—but still hold a staggering 40 ounces at one time—this insulated stainless steel cup will keep your beverages frosty all day. Iced beverages will stay icy for up to 11 hours. As a bonus, each cup is splash-proof, making it an easy companion for your adventures.

BUY IT: $45; and

MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water


Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick

This cooling under eye stick reduces puffiness with caffeine and uses a seawater infusion to rejuvenate you. The siren-esque beauty tool provides a hydrated effect and cooling sensation you’ll welcome during those sticky mornings. When your makeup makes you want to positively melt, this skincare must-have will save the day.

BUY IT: $28;

IRIS USA WOOZOO Oscillating Fan


Iris USA Woozoo Oscillating Fan

Need another tower or desk fan but sick of those utilitarian black and white models clogging up your gorgeous Southern kitchen? Consider this colorful beaut, a remote-equipped oscillating fan, your new best friend. With a timer and five speed settings, and a whopping 82 feet of air distance, the Iris USA Woozoo Oscillating Fan lets you stay comfortable in the sweltering heat without losing your flair or décor.

BUY IT: $67.49 (orig. $74.99);

Patchology Iced Cooling Under Eye Mask Patches with Peptides


Patchology Serve Chilled Eye Gels

Looking for something a bit more portable and friendly on the budget? Look no further than these cooling eye mask gels. Stick them in the fridge before use, and pull them out when you’re ready for a spa-ready sensation. While the skincare infused in each mask reduces fine lines while soothing and firming skin, you’ll really just relish the chill against your face for a blissful few minutes. 

BUY IT: $12 (orig. $15);

Esarora Ice Roller


Esarora Ice Roller

My mama (and my entire family) swear by the magic of this Esarora Ice Roller. While ice rollers became en vogue for their pore shrinkage possibilities, they also can ease migraine headaches, offer minor pain relief, reduce eye puffiness, and more. Frankly, the Esarora Ice Roller is so easy to pull out of the freezer when the sun’s coming down a little too strongly during that June afternoon, and discounted at just $12, it’s an excellent cost-per-use purchase.

BUY IT: $16.14 with coupon (orig. $18.99);

Coop The Eden


Coop The Eden Pillow

While this is undoubtedly a lot to spend on a pillow, “the cool side of your pillow” is a cliché moment of joy for a reason: It’s a universal refreshment, one that will improve your sleep quality and therefore those long summer days (because the summer nights are long, too.) Customizable to your preferences, this Coop pillow is made with a blend of cooling gel-infused memory foam and microfiber.

BUY IT: $96; and

COOLING EUCALYPTUS AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheet Set


Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheets

As someone who’s lived in both Florida and Hawaii, I’ve explored my fair share of bedding options that promise to keep me comfortable and asleep even when my air conditioning unit is working overtime—and still not working quite enough. The final verdict? Eucalyptus. The texture is incredibly soft and relaxing, while its temperature-regulating qualities reign victorious. Out of each eucalyptus set I’ve tried, the Sijo version is my favorite, offering immense bang for my buck.

BUY IT: Starting at $81 (orig. $95);

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