Our Editors’ Favorite Items From The Container Store: A Beloved Texas Retailer

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The Container Store

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Is your closet crammed with so many coats, dresses and accessories that if you buy one more thing, you’re worried it just won’t fit? Are your drawers about to burst? Maybe you think you’ve outgrown your home or are debating buying a new dresser, but what you need to do is get organized. The Container Store, a Texas based chain, will get you on an orderly track with its wide variety of storage solutions that make the most of every space. It’s in our Southern nature to be sentimentalists, holding on to items others might see as clutter. The Container Store allows us to keep all those treasured items in a tasteful, organized way. It solves problems you didn’t even know you had with storage shelves just for water bottles and a variety of other unique solutions to serve your lifestyle. 

Transform spaces from your pantry closet to your college dorm room thanks to the carefully curated picks from the chain which has stores in Southern cities like Atlanta, Little Rock and Richmond. While the concept of the store still feels revolutionary, the first Container Store opened in 1978 in Dallas, Texas. In the years since its opening, the company has adapted to fit our ever changing lifestyles while still staying true to the origins the brand was based upon. Items inducing the Elfa Drawers and Metro Shelving have been sold at the retailer since the beginning which only further prove the quality of product. Many of us in the Southern Living office are fans of the store, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite items to help get you started on your journey to organized living.

Kitchen Organization

Every space in your kitchen, from your fridge to your pantry can be helped with the addition of an item from The Container Store. Brennan Long, our associate director of social media, loves the Water Hyacinth Bins. “They keep things organized and out of sight, plus they come in several different sizes,” she enthusiastically shares. Everything from a bag of chips to dish towels can be stylishly hidden thanks to these beautifully woven pieces that almost feel like pieces of art.

When it comes to your pantry, Digital Food Editor Kimberly Holland has a few hacks that ensure no oatmeal packet is left behind. These clear bins from the IDESIGN Linus collection which come in stackable and deep drawer versions are her favorites. “I use them to organize some deep shelves where things get lost easily,” Holland explains. “I can see everything. Nothing is lost to the corners.”

We’ve all jumped on to the newest water bottle craze, and while we love them, they take up a whole lot of space in our kitchen cabinets. Anna Price Olson, our assistant general manager calls the Everything Organizer Stacking Bottle Organizer “a game changer.” She gifted some of these storage shelves to her water bottle-loving sister a year ago and Price shares “[my sister] was amazed with the transformation.” 

Olson also recommends the Everything Organizer Mini Soda Can Organizer. She explains that: “once you try them, you can never go back.”

Small Space Savers

The South is full of historic homes with a whole bunch of character, but that means that sometimes we have to get a little bit crafty when we are trying to keep organized.

Senior Digital Editor Rebecca Baer has become an expert in small space solutions. “I have small closets in my historic home, so I am always after elegant ways to find more storage. These twill storage boxes match my bedding and don't make my room feel cluttered.”

Closet Curation

If you are in need of a closet makeover, look no further than The Container Store. From custom closets to smaller needs, you can essentially get anything you could possibly imagine. “I have used the Elfa Closet System for years,” shares Editorial Fellow Hallie Milstein. “It makes the most out of a small closet so you can fit so much stuff. I especially love the shoe racks! And you can detach it all and redo it so it can come with you when you move.”

Dorm Decor

Living on your own for the very first time is challenging. It’s a huge emotional step in someone’s life, but other parts of it – including finding things to hold personal items in – is really difficult. Recent college graduate Mary Alice Russell, who is an Editorial Fellow for Southern Living, found wonderful solutions to organizing her dorm with the help of items from The Container Store. Her favorite item for dorm living are the retailer’s Belly Baskets. “Throughout my time in college, I always looked for items that would show off some of my personal style without breaking the bank,” Russell says. “I really loved keeping my extra blankets and other soft items in the Belly Basket because it looks like something you would find at retailers like Serena & Lily but at a fraction of the price.”

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