My Family Will Be Celebrating The Holidays With "12 Days of Cocktails"

Thanks to a spirited new drink kit from Cocktail & Sons in New Orleans.

Berry Juniper Fizz
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Every Christmas season, my mom says, “We need to do something fun and different this year.” Sometimes we’ll cook something wacky, or everyone will buy a funky hat for a white elephant gift exchange. But this year, I have a spirited idea up my sleeve!

Cocktail & Sons, a small business based in New Orleans that’s owned and operated by former bartenders (and husband and wife) Lauren Myerscough and Max Messier, just released a “12 Days of Cocktails” kit that fits the bill for a fun, different, and festive way to celebrate all season long. Adorably packaged, this box of 12 syrups comes with a recipe booklet that includes three recipes for each specialty syrup—a simple cocktail, an advanced cocktail, and an alcohol-free cocktail.

12 days of cocktails kit

Cocktail & Sons

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While you absolutely could celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas by singing what is arguably the most trying of Christmas carols (TBH, it’s a close tie with “Christmas Time Is Here” by the Chipmunks), doesn’t it sound much more fun to sip a new, festive cocktail each night using Southern-made artisan syrups?

12 days of cocktails kid

Cocktail & Sons

I can hear my mom now, saying, "Does everything have to be about drinking?” And you know what, she has a point. Sometimes you don’t feel like having a drink, or perhaps you’re abstaining for important personal reasons. Whatever the case, this kit can be used to make equally delicious non-spirited drinks.

Many of the syrups are made using local fruits and herbs, so they’ll add a rich, wholesome blast of flavor to any juice or sparkling water you choose. Just imagine all the things you could do with syrups like Blueberry Thyme, Cranberry & Bergamot, Fig & Allspice, Roasted Pineapple & Chili Peppers, and Raspberry Hibiscus. Use them to perk up a punch, add a twist to hot tea, or even to brush on cake layers—the only limit is your taste and imagination.

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