This North Pole real estate listing is full of Christmas cheer.

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Santa House Zillow
Credit: Courtesy of Zillow

Ever wonder where Santa Claus hangs his fuzzy red hat? Real estate website Zillow did, and they've gotten to the bottom of it. As of today, Santa's House has made its appearance in Zillow's listings for the second year in a row. According to the website, the spot Santa calls home is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath log cabin that's packed with wintry charm and holiday cheer.

Last year, the 2,500-square-foot North Pole abode was valued at $650,000—nothing but the best for Santa and Mrs. Claus. However, over the past year, Santa has made a few inspired additions, including lofted ceilings, custom light fixtures, an open floor plan, a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, and a garage expansion (for the sleigh, of course). You can get the inside scoop on the remodel here. These updates have increased the value of the holiday home. How much? According to Zillow, the value has risen by 6.5 percent to $710,559. Want to make an offer?

Santa Kitchen
Credit: Courtesy of Zillow

The log home is nestled in a snowy landscape and has a kitchen over which any Southerner would swoon. It's equipped with a 12-setting cookie oven (be still, our hearts!) and a hot cocoa tap for sweet sipping all year long. Winter wonderland, indeed. While this (fictional) home is not on the market, you can take a tour of the cabin now on Zillow.

It's not just Santa's home base that has the real estate community abuzz. This year, Santa is showcasing a brand-new Elf Village on Zillow. You can take a 3D tour of the village and its tiny homes here. According to Zillow, "In addition to the Elf Village, Santa's 25-acre lot features a state-of-the-art toy workshop, garage space for an all-weather sleigh and stables for nine reindeer. Santa's home was built in the 1800s but now features modern amenities after a 2013 remodel." You had us at North Pole—our home-loving hearts are officially in the holiday spirit.

Living Room
Credit: Courtesy of Zillow

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Check out the listing for Santa's home, take a 3D tour of the fairy tale-worthy Elf Village, and let us know your favorite features of this North Pole compound.