What gives this big-batch party punch its seasonal and Southern namesake? Pomegranate and cranberry juices give the rich pop of holiday red perfect for your annual Christmas party, while zingy tequila and lime give a Texas twist to the cocktail. Topped off with cranberries and a festive ice ring, this Texas Santa Punch is sure make a statement on the party table. For this ice ring, we've used a mini Bundt pan with a few cranberries frozen inside – you can also add in orange slices, herbs, or lime slices to give your punch a little extra pop of color.

Adding dry sparkling white wine gives a fizzy finishing touch to the punch, smoothing the texture and mellowing the spirits. We love to garnish each glass with toothpicks lined with bright red, fresh cranberries; but if you want to run with the tequila and lime angle a bit more, dip the rims of the glasses in sugar or salt for a frosted presentation. Big-batch punches make your life much easier when it comes to hosting a holiday affair, and we’re pretty sure your guests will love just how easy this festive punch goes down!

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