Hung by the chimney with extra care.

By Mary Shannon Wells
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Christmas Stockings Hanging on Stone Fireplace
Hanging the stockings on the fireplace mantle is one of our all-time favorite Christmas traditions. Now, just get looking for the perfect stocking stuffers. And don't forget a stocking for the dog
| Credit: Courtesy of Laurie Rubin via Getty Images

The origin of Christmas stockings actually comes from an old legend about Saint Nicholas, but the first written record of the tradition is in the beloved "Twas the Night Before Christmas" written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823.

There are countless stocking styles out there, from faux fur to monogrammed and countless themes. But some of our favorite stockings to stuff are knitted, whether DIY or store-bought. Here are some ideas and places to find stocking patterns or already-knit stockings.

There are tons of patterns that you can pay for online, but here are some of the best free ones out there.

These moss-stich stockings from My Creative Blog have a minimal, cozy look. This red and white stocking with a snowflake pattern from Prima would go perfectly next to a green Christmas tree. These adorable mini knit stockings from Ravelry are perfect ornaments and good practice for bigger projects.

If you don't have the knack for knitting but still want to DIY a knit stocking, you can make one from an old knit Christmas sweater.


If you haven't found what you're looking for, Interweave and Pinterest have tons of stocking patterns, too. But if you're not into knitting, you can still buy knitted Christmas stockings, like these from Amazon with fun pom poms around the top.

This red and white knit stocking (it's on sale right now!) from The Mine would be Santa-approved, and these colorful hand-knit stockings from Sundance will look fun on any mantel.

So whether or not you knit your own stockings this holiday season, be sure to hang them with care and fill them generously.