Finding a flawless Christmas tree is a mighty challenge. It’s the backdrop for holiday photos, the home of countless presents, and of course, it’s there to welcome Santa as he slides down the chimney on Christmas Eve! So, if you’ve been assigned the task of choosing the perfect tree, there are several tips to keep in mind. Join The Grumpy Gardener as he explains the ins and outs of selecting a show-stopping Christmas tree.

First, it’s important to start your search keeping in mind the ideal tree size for your home. Most people prefer a full-bodied, even tree. Grumpy likes Christmas trees that boast of a rich, dark green hue. The type of trees you’re going to find at a Christmas tree farm is largely based on the vegetation in the area you’re searching. Here’s a holiday hint: the only characteristic of a tree that’s easy to spot when it’s wrapped tightly is the height. It’s important to open the tree up to truly tell what it will look like decked out in your home.

Grumpy favors Fraser Fir trees because they smell amazing, the needles are long-lasting and durable, and the layered branches make it easy to hang ornaments. Be sure not to choose a tree with shades of yellow; this means it’s not as fresh. However, above all else, the Grumpy Gardner believes artificial trees are the way to go. They come with lights, a stand, and the needles don’t fall off. Plus, you don’t have to worry about keeping it watered. It’s okay to put the Grump back in Christmas this year!

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