A set of Southern-themed cookbooks they won't expect.

By Lisa Cericola
Short Stack Southern Bundle
Credit: Short Stack

Looking for a special stocking stuffer or holiday gift for a food lover in your life? We've found just the thing. Short Stack, a publisher of "short format" staple-bound cookbooks, is selling the Southern Staples Bundle, a collection of three Southern-themed cookbooks: Grits, Tomatoes, and Buttermilk for $38.

Fans of Junior League or community cookbooks—or any cookbooks—will be charmed by these collectable booklets with colorful, graphic covers. Each cookbook is written by a notable food writer and offers a deep dive into a single ingredient through stories, cooking tips, and recipes that run the gamut from old-fashioned classics to innovative new creations. These books may be small in size, but each one provides just about all you need to know about a favorite ingredient. They are also a great source of creative inspiration when you have to deal with a surplus of in-season produce or need to use up an ingredient before it goes bad (a common issue with buttermilk).

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Grits is written by chef, author, and Southern Living contributing editor Virginia Willis, Tomatoes is by chef Soa Davies, and Buttermilk is by Angie Mosier, an Atlanta-based writer, photographer, food stylist and cook.

Other bundles ($38 each) include Avocados, Peanuts, and Coconut, Corn, Apples, and Brown Sugar, and Eggs, Tomatoes, and Strawberries. Or you can create your own collection hand-chosen for the recipient—single volumes are available for $14 each. Individual copies would make a fun stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift.

One word of warning: For food lovers, browsing through the Short Stack library is like a trip to a candy store. You're going to want to start your own collection.