Gifting cologne can be a risky business.

Poor Dad. Christmas comes but once a year and in our household that means weeks (maybe even months) searching for that perfect gift for the man who seems to have everything, yet asks for nothing. Perhaps if he was a little less selfless, we would have a better understanding as to what exactly it is that his heart desires. He’ll forever pledge time spent with Mom, the grandbabies, and his children are the best gift, which means Dad gets socks, every year—oh, and that family time he loves so much, of course.

This year I think I’ve finally nailed down his gift and it doesn’t come in a set of two. It’s Royall Rugby Eau De Toilette, the perfect cologne for my traditional, low maintenance, suit-wearing Dad. There’s no denying a good fragrance is hard to find, let alone one that you intend to gift. The market is saturated with tacky cologne gift sets with cheap packaging. If the packaging of men’s cologne gift sets aren’t enough to do you in, the scent found within is oftentimes enough to make one dizzy. And don’t even get us started on the fellow who applies his scent too liberally. We call it environmental pollution of the most noxious variety. But, for Dad who is a man of few words and prefers a pared down grooming routine, this subtle scent is the perfect fit.

The eau de toilette is masculine from the start. It’s housed in a vintage-looking semi-handmade green glass bottle that’s topped with a lead crown cap. The scent within keeps with the masculine packaging, featuring a subtle blend of dry wood, geranium leaves, black currant, and ever-classic patchouli. It’s both warm and fresh and natural enough to ensure Dad will actually want to wear it.

One of the biggest draws though, is the presentation. The box is wrapped in parchment paper and finished with a wax seal, meaning you might be able to skip the holiday wrapping paper altogether.