These small (and affordable) statements show you care big time. 

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After you’ve finished finding a present for your picky mother-in-law and the exact Minecraft t-shirt your nephew asked for, shopping for the best ladies in your life is almost a palette cleanser in between all the Christmas hullabaloo. While you’ve quickly had to become an expert in areas as vast as woodworking, stereophonics, and Frozen, when it comes to buying a present for the girls, chance are you’re also shopping for yourself.

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These five beauty-related gifts might be small, but your recipients will get a big thrill.

For the friend who isn’t afraid to shine bright

Flesh Fleshpot in Disco Nap
This cheek and eye gloss provides a luminescent, subtle shimmer anywhere it’s applied. A little goes a country mile so she’ll be able to use it to add some glimmer on a casual date night or to make a glowing impression at a big event.

For the friend who never leaves home without her Purell

Jao Brand Refresher Not Just for Hands Sanitizer
With a combination of lavender, eucalyptus, clary sage, and geranium oils, this hand sanitizer not only kills germs from unsavory situations, but also provides a burst of aromatherapy—all in a cute cobalt blue bottles.

For the friend who could use a little more get up and go

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub
Whether she’s notoriously late for brunch dates or lethargic from her three kids under the age of five, this tingly and invigorating body scrub will put some pep, literally and figuratively, in her morning routine.

For the friend who has the big hair

Aquis Long Hair Towel
Just one use of this microfiber hair towel will have your friend hooked. It soaks up water like a sponge cutting blow drying or air drying time in half while also decreasing frizz factors.

For the friend who loves a red lip

Kosas Cosmetics Lip Color in Thrillest
While a red lip can be a powerful, inexpensive accessory, it can also be a chore to keep the color from drying out. Kosas makes the most moisturizing shades we’ve found yet, and this warm-toned poppy red looks universally appealing on a variety of skin tones.