Comfort and glamour in one package.


When you think of a robe what comes to mind? Is it the tattered flannel one your grandpa wears to get the paper in the morning? Is it the stark-white, creepy-feeling microfiber version hanging on the bathroom door hook in a hotel? Do you only see a garment reserved for women of leisure, which you are most certainly not?

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Then may I direct you toward the robes designed and displayed at the Texas-based Bunkhouse Group hotels. As you might well know by now, many members of Southern Living's staff are fangirls of Liz Lambert's empire, which includes noted properties like the flagship Hotel San Jose on Austin's South Congress, San Antonio's Hotel Havana, and Marfa's El Cosmico. It's no surprise that the attention to detail and sense of place in the rooms, lobbies, and outdoor spaces also manifest in their gift shops. Instead of overpriced mini-toothpaste tubes and granola bars like many hotels, you'll find a selection of vernacular goods from locally produced letterpress prints to cookbooks or a set of drinking glasses made out of former Topo Chico bottles and other designer items like apothecary, incense, and scarves.

But it's the robes (Each hotel has a different one.) that are the new status symbol, cult-followed best-seller. Why? Made with breathable, colorful cotton in a super-flattering cut, they bridge the gap between comfort and glamour like no other robe you've encountered. They can also be adjusted to fit loosely or modestly, which makes it easy to wear one all Saturday morning in front of anyone from small children to your spouse. Paired with sandals, you might be tempted to wear it out to the farmers market too.

If the $180 price tag makes you hesitate, it's a holiday-worthy splurge that once amortized over the times you or whoever you give it to will wear it, it becomes a near bargain. While we do recommend giving one to your sister, best girlfriend, or mama, we would be remiss if we didn't suggest treating yourself this holiday. Just remember when you sport it on Christmas morning to tell everyone Santa left it for you.