On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me…some funny merry Christmas memes. 


It's (definitely) the most wonderful time of the year, and Christmas in the South is truly a time to be treasured. Twinkling lights boost the small-town charm of our beloved cities below the Mason-Dixon, and somehow the holidays raise our spirits and create a feeling of new beginnings. With the Yuletide season comes several family gatherings full of appetizing Southern food, exciting activities - like making gingerbread houses and decorating the Christmas tree, and, of course, presents galore. But, even more than that, the holiday season in the South is an occasion when we see communities come together, good deeds performed, and lives changed for the better.

Nevertheless, it just wouldn't be a true Southern Christmas without a little bit of chaos, and while we surely hope grandma doesn't get run over by a reindeer, some holiday madness is simply inevitable. Without fail, family drama ensues, someone ruins the holiday feast, or Aunt Susie gets slightly inebriated at the annual Christmas party. It happens. When Christmas disarray sets in, there's one surefire approach to handling it with grace – laugh. We all know the classic mantra, "laugh it off", and that's certainly true when it comes to dealing with holiday meltdowns. After all, it's the moments that don't go perfectly we end up cherishing and remembering for years to come.

And, what better way to enjoy some holiday humor than watching a few of our favorite Christmas memes? Funny holiday gifs and memes are images in motion, usually from popular seasonal movies, TV shows, and viral videos, and they're most often shared and viewed through social media. The majority of Christmas gifs are meant to make people laugh, and some include clever captions that play on common human behavior. They're relatable, which makes them comical.

Take a look at some of our favorite merry Christmas memes and gifs this holiday season.

When You Spot Mama's Pumpkin Pie Coming Out of the Oven

When Somone Asks if You're Excited for the Holiday Family Reunion

When Sweater Weather is in Full Swing

Santa's Coming!

When Everyone You Invited Actually Shows Up At Your Party

When You Realize Christmas is 100 Days Away