Would it surprise you to learn that 16% of Americans grew up wearing matching pajamas on Christmas morning?

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It turns out that the majority of Americans carry on their family's holiday traditions, no matter how whacky.

We know it might not seem like it—especially scrolling through social media—but most families include at least one vintage throwback in their holiday celebrations. Whether it's caroling or ordering Chinese food on Christmas Eve, the results of a recent Kohl's survey revealed that 52% of Americans work hard to replicate the holidays from their childhood, Fox News reports.

And it's not just their parents' traditions that people are keeping alive. Half of respondents claimed to celebrate traditions that have been passed down in their family for generations, with nearly a third continuing traditions from their grandparents.  A whopping 27% carry on traditions from their great-grandparents or before.

And the traditions aren't always, well, traditional. One fifth of those surveyed reported having a quirky tradition, including making ornaments with their dog's paw print, hiding Christmas presents for the younger kids, and sending holiday cards to people they don't know. Sixteen percent of Americans grew up wearing matching pajamas with someone else in their family on Christmas morning.

"The holiday season is one of those special times when doing the same thing year after year never loses its luster," Joe Bagby, vice president, customer insights and strategy at Kohl's, said in a release. "Wearing matching pajamas can be a fun way to get in the holiday spirit and enjoy the comfort of a tradition passed down through the years."

For many, the most important holiday traditions involve gift giving. Nearly half of Americans (48%) said they have a gift that they give and/or receive every year, with the most common repeat gifts being ornaments (42%), pajamas (35%) and blankets (28%).

We're curious how many families include either the Christmas Pickle or the Christmas Spider in their traditions!