Enjoy your holiday cards for seasons to come.

By Michelle Darrisaw
Stack of Christmas Cards Tied with Ribbon
Credit: Fuse/Getty Images

Who doesn't love receiving and sending greeting cards and putting holiday photo cards on display? While those smiling faces on cards wishing us season's greetings bring us holiday cheer, they also leave behind a mess to sort through once Christmas and New Year's is over. And if your home has scant storage space, it can really be a challenge to organize all those stacks of cards.

For those of you who are too sentimental and can't bear to part ways with all those sweet, smiling faces staring back at you, you can actually recycle holiday photo cards without cluttering your home. We found a smart solution that doesn't involve Ziploc bags or storage boxes. Thanks to this method, your loved ones, all dressed in their festive sweaters and dresses, can be on display year after year.

Holiday Card Ring on Coffee Table
Credit: Kavita Varma-White/TODAY Home

According to TODAY Home, a DIY "Holiday Card Ring" is just what you need this season. It'll prevent you from throwing away all those precious memories or storing them in the attic with the rest of the Christmas decorations. If you're feeling crafty, everything you need and the steps to take to create your own merry rings of photos is detailed below.

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  • 3-inch metal loose leaf rings (found at most office supply stores)
  • Hole punch
  • Silk tassels (the kind commonly used to tie back the drapes or curtains)
  • Saved holiday photo cards


  1. Punch a hole into the corner of each card and put them on the rings. Just make sure the cards are all facing the same way for easy viewing.
  2. After placing the cards on the rings, attach the tassel to give it a special touch.
Holiday Card Ring on Stocking Hooks
Credit: Kavita Varma-White/TODAY Home

As suggested by Kavita Varma-White for TODAY Home, you can put the ringed photos in a basket to display on the coffee table, or to really get in the holiday spirit, hang them from your fireplace mantel using stocking hooks.