Handmade Christmas ornaments are a great way to add a personal touch to your tree.


Tight on time? These easy DIY Christmas ornaments can be made without even leaving the house for supplies.

Have you thought to look in your own backyard? Paint pine cones with a little white or gold glitter on the edges, and string them from the tree for a woodsy look. Or, if you're feeling a bit more crafty, a simplified version of these pine cone elves with felt hats would look so cheerful hanging from a tree.

Making ornaments made from Scrabble tiles are a good way to get the little ones practice their spelling skills and come up with fun words to add to the tree.

Turn a scrap from your wedding veil or dress into a sentimental tree ornament that you and your family can use for years. Simply cover a glass ball with a scrap of the base fabric (here, it's leftover silk tulle) and adhere it to the ornament with Mod Podge. Then attach cut outs of the accent pattern or details (e.g. Alencon lace bits). Once it dries, re-attach the ornament cap and tie a satin bow around it.

Transform your Inexpensive electric tea lights (the kind you'd find at the Dollar Store) into these adorable tea light snowmen ornaments to using ribbon, felt, glue, and a Sharpie marker. The fake plastic flame is the perfect substitute for a carrot nose.

To decorate your tree with a warm winter-cabin vibe, try these classic popsicle stick sleds adorned with some faux greens or real tree clippings. Dress them up with red and gold paint, mini sleigh bells, and ribbon.

WATCH: How To Make A Popsicle Sled

These origami diamonds make great tree ornaments. Choose vibrant colored paper, and poke a hole in them to hang them. They would even be cute strung together as garland to wrap around the tree.

Of all the DIY Christmas Ornaments we've seen this year, these genius cookie cutter ornaments are our favorite. Everyone has a stash of cookie cutters they don't use. Why not paint and repurpose them using decorative scrapbook paper for your tree?