Dial up holiday style. 

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Dial up holiday style.
Courtesy of Pier 1

There's no better way to kick off the Christmas season than heading to the tree farm and picking out the spruce, fir, or pine that will be your living room's aromatic centerpiece for the coming weeks. (Faux is always a fine option, too; here are our favorites.) Before driving home with the Christmas tree securely strapped to the hood of your car, a stand is usually attached to the bottom of the trunk. Convenient? Absolutely. Unsightly? Unfortunately.

The tree's lush boughs are trimmed with sentimental ornaments and strands of twinkling lights, and a topper (be it a star, an angel, or a big bow of ribbon) is placed at the tip. But why should the decorating stop there? The bottom of the tree often gets overlooked, assuming that gifts will take care of masking the stand. Tree skirts are a common solution for covering up unattractive stands and can be a wonderful way to extend holiday decor right down to the floor. But even the most festive and fancy of tree skirts can be missed underneath droopy limbs and piles of presents.

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Ditch the skirt this year in favor of a decorative Christmas tree collar. Collars cover up unsightly tree stands and lend an extra touch of ornamental flair, so the tree is decked out from the very top to the very bottom. We especially love this Mosaic Gold & Silver Tree Collar from Pier 1. Handcrafted with pieces of shimmery silver and gold glass, this glam collar twinkles underneath strands of lights for a magical holiday look. The mosaic pattern makes it as eye-catching as the rest of the Christmas ornaments adorning the limbs. (You may not want to place gifts underneath the tree so this collar can really shine.) This embellish collar is an easy way to elevate your Christmas tree's festive holiday style.