Consider this your license to go easy on the holiday decorating this year.

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Tiny Christmas Tree Trend
Credit: victoriabee/Getty Images

Even if you're among those who pride themselves on keeping a pristine house—as in clean lines, no clutter, and enough white space to make things feel open and airy—chances are your decorating M.O. goes out the window come November. White vases are likely replaced with grimacing Nutcrackers, clean mantles draped with fuzzy stockings, and your grandmother's antique wingback shoved aside to make room for the piece de resistance: a towering, gleaming, decked-to-the-nines Christmas tree.

If you're anything like my mother, this whole "Christmasing up" routine probably takes a good week, if not more. But this year, holiday revelers are banding together to bring back a much simpler, less time-consuming tradition: the tiny Christmas tree.

Long thought of as a last resort for those crunched by time, space, and circumstance, mini Christmas trees are now trending, with searches for the pint-sized alternative up 50 percent, according to Pinterest. And minimalists everywhere are rejoicing.

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When it comes to miniatures, the benefits are plentiful. Smaller trees, of course, require less investment, fewer ornaments, and less space in the home. They're also a lot less unwieldy than their nine-foot counterparts, and will inevitably leave behind much fewer pine needles. Have little ones? A tree that matches their size is simpler for them to decorate on their own.

And speaking of decorations, today's mini trees are anything but an afterthought. Whether two or four feet tall, creative decorators are proving that small trees can get the same treatment as their larger cousins, complete with adorable mini ornaments, LED lights, and out-of-the-box "stands."

For height—and protection from playful pets—many choose to display their tiny trees on side tables. Baskets underneath can corral the wrapped presents on Christmas morning.

Sound like a grand idea to you? Even if your decorating standards translate to "nothing less than the Biltmore Estate," you might want to consider an oh-so-cute tiny tree as a secondary display. Or, try another of the year's unique tree trends: Hang one upside down from your ceiling (yes, really) or swap a natural green tree for an eye-popping, faux rainbow-hued one.

Happy decorating!