Take a cue from your local library’s super-simple holiday decorations.

I can’t write this article without saying it, so let’s get this part out of the way. This easy DIY is simply a novel  idea. In this ‘why-didn’t-we-think-of-that’ holiday craft, books of all shapes and sizes get a great second act as a make-shift tree, and we gotta say: We are here for it. No pine needles to clean up. No sap to wipe off. Just books you already have on hand, stacked into a tree. The Bookshelf, in Thomasville, Ga., has a particularly adorable take, using paperbacks, stacked spine on spine, to create a tree form.

Good night, little bookstore. #thomasvillega #downtownthomasville

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Though you can also use paperbacks, as they did over at Westmount Public Library in Quebec. (Love the color-blocked red and green, too!)

From there you could take it in any direction you like—old, well-worn books or brand-new. You can use whimsical children’s books or dictionaries and encyclopedias. Stack it in a cone shape, like a living tree, or stack them up against a wall in a pyramid for a one-book-deep tree.

To make it more subdued, modern, or monochromatic, try stacking it with the spines facing in, and only the white pages showing. If the spines are an essential part of the look to you, then by all means, show them off. Drape them in garland and lights, or simply strategically place a few ornaments here and there. There are endless possibilities and it’s up to you.

And don’t forget the topper! Tabletop accents are perfect for this. Grab that gold sputnik off the coffee table and put it to work as the tree’s topper. Or nab a snow globe off the mantle (recommended only for rather sturdy hardback trees).

We love that when it comes time to clean up, books simply go back to their shelves and that’s it! You’re done.