It’s time to deck the outlets with something jolly.

By Patricia Shannon
October 28, 2020
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Vintage Christmas Tree Nightlight
Credit: Amazon

My strategy for Christmas 2020 décor is to have every square inch of my house aglow. It’s going to be an extravaganza—Clark Griswold style but make it tasteful and Southern. We’re talking Christmas lights phone chargers, twinkling magnolia wreaths on every window, and all the garland my little heart desires. There’s no doubt that the reason for the season runs much deeper in my heart, but somehow all these little (and sometimes not so little) festive touches keep me centered on the season. Anyone else?

Over the years I’ve covered most of my décor bases, and I’ve got the plastic green and red storage boxes lining our garage to prove it, but there is one area with room for improvement: the outlets. (I wasn’t kidding when I said every inch.) Amazon’s Ceramic Christmas Tree Night Light is the festive little doodad to bring it all home. (BUY: Ceramic Christmas Tree Night Light, $21.99;

It stands at six inches tall and features 28 colorful lit ornaments. With an on/off switch it can easily be turned off when not in use, which is a big draw in my house. I currently have a smattering of nightlights strewn across random bookshelves and tables in my house due to the lack of an on/off option. And I hate clutter—unless it’s the holiday kind.

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My preschool-age son is going to flip for his very own little Christmas tree nightlight, but I can’t leave out his little sister. This pastel version is sugar and spice, and everything nice.