It wouldn't be Christmas in the South without a family gathering around the table, and at the center of our holiday meal is usually a juicy turkey or ham. Not surprisingly, this tradition is also one you'll find in country singer Craig Morgan's home, and the Tennessee musician has a trick for making his holiday ham perfectly moist and tender. One of the keys to his recipe, Craig says, is using honey. He harvests honey himself from the bees in his backyard, and this home-grown honey is a fresh, sweet addition to the scored ham. Craig also turns to brown sugar to create the injection liquid for his ham, and lets it roast slowly to caramelize in the oven. And, we love the idea of adding sliced apples to the pan for an easy topping once the ham comes out of the oven. This sounds like the perfect recipe to complement with roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and Mama's famous rolls. What family recipe is at the center of your Christmas celebration?

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