When it comes to Christmas, we can hardly contain our excitement as each day passes, getting us one step closer to our favorite day of the year. And, when December finally rolls around, we’re quick to break out the advent calendar to help us count down each day until this special day. Now, there are plenty of adorable advent calendars out there you can buy to get the whole family in the spirit; but sometimes it’s more fun to make your own. This DIY Advent Calendar really shows what some hot glue, felt, and store-bought yardsticks can get done, and you can pick any holiday-patterned paper you like to customize it. Make it a family activity, complete with hot chocolate, or a festive solo project while singing along to your favorite Christmas songs. It’s sure to delight your crowd if you stash a little money, treats, or Bible verses in the paper pockets!

Here are the wood sizes you'll need. Start with five 24-inch yard sticks, and cut down to the sizes below:

  • One 23-inch piece
  • One 20-inch piece
  • One 17-inch piece
  • One 12-inch piece
  • One 9.5-inch piece

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