This Christmas Light Floral Garland will make the neighbors think you hired a professional to design your Christmas decorations. Even though this gorgeous garland looks intricate, it’s so easy to make—even the least crafty of us can complete this DIY Christmas project.

Start with a simple strand of Christmas lights—we know you have way too many in the attic. Lay a strand of lights out on a table, and begin by tying pieces of red deco mesh between every other light. Then, tie pieces of gold deco mesh in the opposite spaces. We prefer sparkly deco mesh for an extra festive look, but solid works just as beautifully. If your Christmas decorations are another color palette, like green and red or blue and silver, you can switch up the colors based on your preferences. After the deco mesh is tied on, attach pieces of cut ribbon alongside the mesh. Next come the ornaments. Be sure you’re not adding ornaments that are too heavy. Small glass or plastic round ornaments work well, and don’t forget to secure them tightly. All of the ornaments don’t have to be identical, but stay in the same color palette. For a Southern touch, tie on some rustic burlap strips. Your strand of lights might be getting full, but we’re not done yet! You still need the floral element of this Christmas Light Floral Garland. We chose sparkly and shiny decorative flowers because you can never have too much shine around Christmastime. Again, not everything has to match perfectly—we mixed different varieties of decorative flowers while staying in the same color scheme. Add some decorative holiday berries for a final festive touch, and your Christmas light floral garland is ready to go!

This Christmas garland would look beautiful on the front porch or the mantle, but it can be hung or arranged anywhere that needs some extra holiday cheer. No one will believe this DIY decoration didn’t come pre-made. Happy decorating to all, and to all a good night!

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