These monarchs are credited with catapulting the Christmas tree into widespread prominence.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Decorated Christmas Tree
Southerners know that it's never too early to start decorating for Christmas (in fact, starting early could be a good thing). No matter when your tree goes up, decorating is a fun activity for the holidays! Dedicate a morning to adorning your tree with all the string lights and family heirloom ornaments. 
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Next time you stand beside a gorgeous, twinkling Christmas tree, you may want to tip your hat to some 19th-century royals.

Yes, we can all thank Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, for the holiday shrub tradition, at least in part, it appears. As Town & Country reported, these British monarchs popularized the Christmas tree tradition in 1848. Though we can trace individuals decorating with festive trees to celebrate Christmas back to 16th century Germany, Town & Country writer Chloe Foussianes explains the royal couple's pivotal role in increasing the Christmas tree's demand: "The prince sent decorated trees to schools and army barracks around Windsor, but it was likely a visual that made British citizens tree-crazy. An engraving published in 1848 featured the Queen, the Prince, and their children decorating a tree," she writes (the referenced engraving is pictured below). "Given the family-focused culture of the era, it wasn't long before Christmas trees became a key component of a middle class family's holiday celebrations."

1848 Engraving Royal Family and Christmas Tree
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Oh, how we wish we could teleport ourselves to this sophisticated era and gather around a roaring fire in Windsor Castle for ourselves.

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