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Everything really is bigger in Texas! According to a survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by, Texans spend more money on holiday gifts than residents of every other state. On average, citizens of the Lone Star State report shelling out a whopping $900 on gifts during the holiday season. Compare that to the lowest spending state, Washington, which boasts an average of $180 per person, and it's safe to say that Texans take their gift giving very seriously.

After Texas, the Americans who spend the next highest amount on Christmas goodies also reside in the south. Florida residents spend an average of $850 per person on gifts to put under their trees.

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Other interesting findings include the fact that women spend an average of $700 on holiday gifts, versus to men who spend a more modest $400. Also noteworthy is the fact that East Coast states spend considerably more on Christmas gifts than their West Coast counterparts.

All of y'all in the southest better hit up some Black Friday sales this year!