Bonding at its best.

By Katherine Owen
Young Boy Holding Car Door Open for Sister
If you've gone to the trouble of opening the door, it's easy enough to hold it for another minute or two to help the person using the door after you. Naturally, if someone does hold the door for you, be sure to say thank you as you walk through.
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As kids, all the siblings in one place often meant bickering, rough-housing, and jokes at each other's expense. And it may still mean some of that… but when everyone grows up, suddenly you miss those siblings that are scattered cities or states (or nations!) away. Who else will remember that prank from 20 years ago? Who will remember the name of your long-lost pet lizard? Who will recall holiday traditions and mishaps from years before?

So when everyone is finally back together, best to make the most of this precious time. In between telling embarrassing stories about each other and sneaking sweet treats from the kitchen, make sure to check some of these sibling must-dos off the list:

Pull Out the Old Photos

Mama didn't take up scrapbooking years ago so treasured family photos could sit around and collect dust. Pull out the old photo albums and take a trip down memory lane together. Or, even better, pull out Mama's photos and learn a little more about your own ancestors.

Decide What You're Getting Mama

If you haven't already conferenced with each other about it, now's the time. We have a few ideas you could steal, if a sibling brainstorm is not so productive. But for someone who's already got it all, sometimes time spent together is the best gift of all.

Take a Photo While You're All Together

Speaking of photos: be sure to get a current one of the siblings together (and everyone else too!) No matter how many times you have to take it…you'll be glad one day. Mama will be glad now.

Plan a Movie Night

It's the holiday season. Turn on Hallmark Channel any time and catch a great flick to get you in the celebratory mood. Or check the complete guide here and mark your calendar for your favorites.


Talk about making your mother proud. Put some of your free time to work during the holidays and volunteer locally with your siblings. Ways to give back during the holidays abound, and it's a special way to spend time with siblings.

Learn to Cook Something New to Bring to the Table

Pull out an old family recipe that never gets cooked anymore and try it out. Maybe it's an old favorite that's fallen out of rotation or one from way back in the day you've never tried your hand at. Either way, it's a fun way to spend time with siblings, learn about your family, and get dinner (or maybe dessert?) on the table.

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Head Outside

Sometimes the best way to catch up is outside in the cool air. Go for a hike, walk, or run (don't call us for that one) with a sibling. Plus it'll make up for all those holiday cookies.