Christmas Morning Milk Punch Is One Of My Favorite Family Traditions

It’s the real hero of the holiday menu.

Boozy Refreshing Bourbon Milk Punch

Drinking milk punch on Christmas morning is a treasured and respected tradition in my family. It is the first sign that Santa came and the first of many "Cheers!" of the day. We start drinking it right after coffee, and it holds us over until Dad's pork tenderloin biscuits come off the grill.

This cocktail of whole milk, Brandy, confectioners sugar, and nutmeg goes a long way in spreading joy on Christmas morning in my family. That is, unless you are my brother-in-law who used flour instead of confectioners sugar in his first year as a Spottswood family member. He did not spread holiday cheer. Instead, he was demoted and deemed the coffee guy. 

To me, milk punch is more than just a sweet, boozy treat. It serves some critical purposes as the day goes on.

First, it's a fuel for gift opening, and it helps me maintain a merry facial expression as I open presents for which I simply cannot find words. We all know the ones—the thoughtful gifts you are genuinely delighted about, the Spode Christmas china that you won’t use for many years to come, and the “how can I maneuver returning this without asking for a return label?” ones. Whatever it is, the milk punch is there, adjusting my responses to make it seem like I have won the lottery with each unwrapping. 

It's also a cool refreshment, which is helpful when you live in Point Clear, Alabama, and your family insists on a fire for ambiance, despite the 85-degree temperature and humidity. It’s versatile and satisfying as I can enjoy each sip both inside and outdoors. 

Most importantly, my beloved milk punch smooths over those unwelcome, yet inevitable, conversations—like peculiar (but cherished) cousin Johnny’s new significant other that he may or may not bring to the Bay for the Fourth of July. 

Milk punch might not be for everyone, but it's for us. 

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