Chick-fil-A Surprises North Carolina Employee With $50,000 College Scholarship

Malcolm Jones, the oldest of 11 children, is a first-generation college student.

Malcolm Jones thought he was helping film a commercial at North Carolina Chick-fil-A where he works last month, when he found out that the production was actually for him. 

Malcolm Jones Chick-fil-A


On March 23, cameras rolled as Malcolm was presented with a life-changing scholarship. 

Malcolm, a first-generation college student and the oldest of 11 children, was recognized with the Eddie White Servant Leadership Award for $50,000—the largest scholarship in Chick-fil-A history. 

The one-time award is named for Chick-fil-A’s first scholarship recipient, Eddie White, and given in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Chick-fil-A True Inspiration college scholarship.

Out of all the applicants in the country, Malcolm was the only one chosen for double the usual $25,000 scholarship. 

"Never have they ever given away a $50,000 scholarship," Christy Proctor, owner of the Wilson Chick-fil-A, told WTVD. "So, Malcolm is the first and because it was for a 50th-anniversary celebration, he'll probably be the last." 

Malcolm Jones Scholarship


"I'll be a first-generation college student," Malcolm told the local news outlet. "I'll be the first one to step on campus and be able to break the generational curse. I applied originally to High Point University and that was like my hurdle there because tuition for me and my family and our situation is kind of expensive. So, I was willing to go to a different college to try to lessen that burden."

Thanks to the $50,000 scholarship, Malcolm can now attend High Point University where he plans to study elementary teaching. 

“I am inspired to become a rock star educator, just like my second-grade teacher,” he wrote in his scholarship application. “I dream of a life of service and leaving a legacy that will continue long after I’m gone.”

 That second grade teacher, Gail Mahan, was there to help present Malcolm with the award. 

"I cried when I got the call," she told WTVD. "I was just so proud of him. Malcolm just loved learning and it was so easy to engage him."

Congratulations, Malcolm!

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