This Carrot Bouquet Is The Ultimate Easter Display

Learn how to make this seasonal display that even Peter Cottontail will love.

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Easter Centerpiece

Laurey W. Glenn

We love everything about Easter, from making bunny cake to putting together the Easter basket. Our favorite thing about this cherished holiday, though, just might be the decorations. Bountiful spring blossoms are a beautiful way to celebrate the season, but we're just as captivated by the bright seasonal produce we've been waiting to taste all winter. From carrots to radishes, there are plenty of ways to think outside the typical floral box when if comes to seasonal decor.

Naturally, we decided to encapsulate all the Easter season has to offer in one centerpiece. This arrangement appears to defy gravity with carrots seemingly floating in air, but a fish bow and some florist foam allows this arrangement to follow Newton’s Law. Finish it off with brussel sprouts and radishes for a truly unique display that even Peter Cottontail will love. 

Easter Centerpiece Materials

Laurey W. Glenn

What You'll Need

  • Florist foam (open cage on both ends)
  • Carrots
  • Florist picks
  • Fishbowl
  • Floral arrangement


1. Fill the sink with water, and soak florist foam until thoroughly saturated.
2. Cut carrot stems to 2 inches.

How To Make An Easter Centerpiece

Easter Centerpiece Steps 1 and 2

Laurey W. Glenn

1. Tie two to three carrots together at stems using florist picks.
2. Attach stems to bottom of florist foam square.

Easter Centerpiece Step 3
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

3. Gather carrots and rest the florist foam square on top of the fishbowl, allowing the carrots to hang down inside the fishbowl.

Easter Centerpiece Step 4
Laurey W. Glenn

4. Fill florist foam with the arrangement of your choice on top.

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