Arkansas 2nd Grader Dresses Like Teacher For “Superhero Day”

Not all heroes wear capes.

An Arkansas teacher said she felt like the “coolest teacher ever” when one of her students opted to dress up like her for the school’s “super hero day.”  

Jaime Deigh of Bentonville said she got a heads up that it was happening when her student Caroline Carlson’s mom Cortney texted her to ask her what she planned to wear to school that Friday.  

Cortney amusedly remembers that Mrs. Deigh just wrote back - no questions asked - and said she’d probably wear one of her school t-shirts and jeans. It took a couple more questions for it to sink in why one of her student’s moms wanted to know about her attire.

Student and teacher matching clothes

Cortney Carlson

“Caroline wants to dress like you for superhero day because you’re her superhero,” Carlson texted her again.  

Deigh, a 19-year teaching veteran, said she was shocked and delighted and sent back to Cortney several crying face emojis.  

Even though she knew it was happening, when Deigh saw Caroline walking down the hallway on Friday she said was in “disbelief.”  

Donning an R.E. Baker t-shirt, jeans and a jean jacket, “she was dressed exactly like me,” Deigh said. Caroline even slept in curlers to copy Mrs. Deigh’s naturally curly hair, a process she called “a little uncomfortable” and one that she said made her feel like a “granny.”  

Bentonville Schools posted a picture of the duo on Facebook with the caption, “Forget the cape. Throw on a jean jacket and change the world wherever you are today, Bentonville!”

Caroline said Mrs. Deigh is a superhero because she isn’t like any other teacher she’s ever had. She treats her class like a family and expects her students to serve each other and cooperate like brothers and sisters would - even during disagreements. 

“She doesn’t only teach us teacher stuff . . .she teaches us how to be kind, responsible and helpful,” Caroline said.  

Cortney Carlson couldn’t be more thrilled that Caroline has Mrs. Deigh - who also happens to be the reigning R.E. Baker Teacher of the Year.  She’s already seen the impact Mrs. Deigh has had on Caroline.  

“There’s just a mutual respect and admiration in how she runs the classroom, the way she talks to people, and how she leads them and guides them,” Cortney Carlson said about Mrs. Deigh.    

Mrs. Deigh said Caroline’s “powerful sweet gesture” dressing like her is just another reminder of her feelings about the group of kids she’s teaching.  

“For me, a person of color, I’m so thankful for what this generation is becoming,” she said. 

“They’re gonna be the future leaders of America… they’re just seeing goodness in people no matter who you are.” 

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