North Carolina Cows Flee Live Nativity Scene, Jump Into Cape Fear River

All was not calm at this manger.

Police officers in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, found themselves in an a-moo-sing holiday situation when a group of thespian cows performing in a live nativity scene fled their pen and ran amok in the island town last week. 

Carolina Beach Nativity Cows

Carolina Beach Police Department

“When you’re a police officer in a small island community, you may get some unusual calls,” Carolina Beach Police Department (CBPD) mused in a recent Facebook post. “Such was the case yesterday as officers from the CBPD were dispatched to assist the CB State Park Rangers with rounding up some loose cows!” 

The biblical bovines reportedly escaped their pen at Seaside Chapel and ended up swimming in the nearby Cape Fear River. Or was it a baptism? Either way, officials were able to get their hands on a herding dog (and a very long leash) to help bring them ashore. 

“The cows were eventually corralled by officers and rangers with assistance by community members and a K9 with specialized herding skills,” the post concludes. “We are thankful for all efforts to achieve a happy ending!”

Holy cow, what a story!

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