This Candle Warmer Extends The Life Of My Most Cherished Scents—And It's Only $12

Plus, it's cheaper and safer than burning candles.

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Candle Warmers Etc. Auto Shutoff Candle Warmer


As someone with a sensitive nose, fragrance can significantly affect whether I feel relaxed and serene or energetic and motivated. In turn, I like to leverage my elevated sensitivity to shape my mindset while creating the perfect atmosphere—and nothing sets the mood as promptly as lighting my favorite candle

I always have a stash of stimulating scents on hand, including some expensive ones. When I was gifted a set of posh designer candles by a family member last year, I was both excited and afraid to light them. My curiosity piqued when I heard this candle warmer could help me not only extend the life of my favorite aromas, but also save money on my expensive candle-burning habit. 

Rather than using a flame, which quickly causes the wax to evaporate, this gadget heats your candle evenly from the bottom with a warming plate, allowing you to soak in the scent considerably longer, even after the wick stops burning. Bonus: it will save your walls and ceilings from the unforgiving soot and smoke that comes from burning a wick.

Candle Warmers Etc. Auto Shutoff Candle Warmer


BUY IT: $11.99;

The Candle Warmers Etc's wide hot plate can hold a 4 to 12-ounce candle comfortably and sports a small, red power indicator light on the 2.2 by 5.4 by 6.5-inch plastic base. With its minimalist design, the clever device blends seamlessly into your space and fills it safely with the scent of your choice while eliminating the risk of fire or overheating with the automatic eight-hour shutoff timer.

I recently used the best-selling home fragrance accessory with my beloved 10-ounce sweet-guava-scented candle with a 40-hour burn time for more than four weeks with everyday use instead. That made the candle warmer well worth the $12 price tag.

Save your money and favorite aromas last by using the Candle Warmers' practical device when you shop it at Amazon.

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