The Best Buc-ee’s Foods To Try That Are Under $5

There’s no going hungry with Buc-ee’s delicious in-house offerings.

In case you haven’t heard, the whole South is experiencing Beaver fever. We’re talking about Buc-ee’s. The Texas chain has now expanded throughout the region (including the announcement of Tennessee’s first-ever location and Florida’s third location), and it’s no surprise that folks can’t get enough of the megastore and its jolly beaver mascot. Buc-ee’s is exactly the kind of multi-hyphenate we can get behind. It’s a gas station, convenience store, souvenir palace, and road trip experience all in one—with the cleanest bathrooms in America to boot. 

Buc-ee's Pastry Counter

Kaitlyn Yarborough

Now, we’ve divulged The Most Hilariously Southern Things You Can Find At Buc-ee’s, but for those looking to try unique Buc-ee’s foods without breaking the bank, there’s no shortage of delicious creations that are made in-house and ring in under $5. Warning: Be prepared to go back for seconds. 

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Beaver Nuggets

Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets

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Price: $3.98-4.98

If Buc-ee the Beaver is the store's mascot, this is his favorite snack. You'll see bags upon bags of this crunchy snack on shelves all over each store. You can find a large bag of classic Beaver Nuggets for just under $5, or choose slightly smaller bags in different flavors such as White Cheddar and Cinnamon Sugar for around $4.

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Banana Pudding

Buc-ee's Banana Pudding

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Price: $3.99-4.99

While Southern gas stations are known to have homemade cakes and desserts from time to time, homemade banana pudding isn't something you see often. You can indulge in either a small or large cup, and it's found in Buc-ee's prepackaged foods area near the fresh fruit cups and deli sandwiches.

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Buc-ee's Kolaches

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Price: $1.99-2.99

The Czech pastry is a staple in Texas Hill Country, but luckily you can try the unique baked good at any location across the South. There's sweet variations such as Strawberry-Cream Cheese and Cherry for around $2, and heartier options on the savory side like the Sausage-and-Cheese Kolache for around $3, which makes the perfect breakfast option.

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Hot-Roasted Nuts

Buc-ee's Nuts

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Price: $4.49

If we could bottle up the scent of Buc-ee's, it'd be a combination of smoked brisket and the aroma of these sugary, glazed nuts that you can watch being churned in the center of the store. Choose from regular or cinnamon-glazed, as well as between different kinds of nuts. Trust us, it's hard to resist picking up a cone after smelling it in person.

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Homemade Fudge

Buc-eee's Fudge

Kaitlyn Yarborough

Price: $3.78

As if the in-house food selection wasn't impressive enough, the homemade fudge counter at each location feels like a trip back in time to old-fashioned soda shops. There's many different flavors you can taste-test and order by the pound, or shop the pre-cut squares that cost under $4.

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Pork Rinds

Buc-ee's Pork Rinds

Price: $1.59

Southerners do love a crunchy pork rind alongside their candy, and Buc-ee's pork rinds are some of the most affordable snacks in the whole store. If the classic flavor isn't exciting enough, go for the flavored options, which include Dill and Habanero.

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Pecan Log

Buc-ee's Pecan Logs

Kaitlyn Yarborough

Price: $2.99

This old-school roadside treat has all but disappeared in many convenience stores, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a better-tasting pecan log than the one at Buc-ee's. It's soft, chewy, and perfectly nutty. Perhaps that's why its pecan logs are piled up beside the checkout counter...

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Beaver Chips

Beaver Chips Buc-ee's

Kaitlyn Yarborough

Price: $2.29

Fresh-fried chips aren't typically offered at the basic gas station. These are light, crispy, and begging to be paired with a brisket sandwich from the meat counter. Specifically, watch for new batches being set out for the freshest, best potato chips you've ever had.

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Chamoy Peach Rings

Buc-ee's Peach Rings

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Price: $2.98

This lesser-known favorite at Buc-ee's is not your average candy. You'll find it beside the other sour candies, except these peach rings have a savory, spicy twist. They're coated in chamoy, which is a condiment made of fruit (usually apricot, mango, or plums), dried chiles, and lime juice.

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Beaver Tail

Buc-ee's Beaver Tail

Kaitlyn Yarborough

Price: $3.79

For those with a major sweet tooth, how about a cinnamony croissant drizzled in icing? It's fashioned in the shape of a beaver tail and is about as large as your face, making it a decent bang for your buck. They'll even warm it up for you at the pastry counter!

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