We like to serve cornbread as a side to almost every Southern meal. Having fried chicken and mashed potatoes? Grab yourself a hunk of Nan's cornbread. Sitting down for brunch? Take a slice of warm, buttery cornbread to sop up those egg yolks. Eating a salad for dinner? Cornbread is the perfect side because it's made with corn, right? We love our cornbread, and we find any excuse to whip up Mama's recipe in our cast iron skillet. We drizzle with honey, we use pats of butter, and we dredge in fresh muscadine preserves. Anyone else's mouth watering? When it comes to the ingredients in our cornbread, though, Southerners sure have some strong opinions. And, we will debate it 'til the end. Do you use bacon fat or butter? Yellow cornmeal or white cornmeal? Finely ground or coarsely ground? But, the biggest debate of all comes down to one thing: sugar! Our friends at Well Done tackled this incredibly controversial subject.

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