Brave Florida Teen Survives Shark Attack

“It wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Bull Shark

Anadolu Agency / Contributor/Getty Images

A Florida teenager’s day at the beach was severely disrupted last week when she was attacked by a shark.  

Ella Reed, 13, was sitting in waist-deep water with a friend at Fort Pierce Beach when she said she felt a sharp pain in her side.  

“The shark was so powerful,” Reed told Miami affiliate WPLG. She said she felt the animal slamming into her stomach before she punched it, making the shark swim away. 

The shark, believed to have been a bull shark, returned and got her again - this time on the arm, on her finger and the top of her knee.  

“It wouldn’t leave me alone,” Reed said, prompting her to call for her mom and brother.  

By the teen’s account, the attack only lasted a few seconds, but when her mom Devin Reed saw her daughter, she was in “shock” because Ella was covered in blood from “head to toe.” 

“She was shaking but calm,” Devin Reed said.  

Reed said she didn’t feel pain but attributes that to the adrenaline surging through her body. 

In all, the brave teenager received 19 stitches in her stomach, knee, finger and arm.  

Despite her ordeal, Reed said she has plans to return to the water as soon as her injuries heal.  

A true Florida girl.

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