Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast With Blue Bell’s Crazy New Cereal-Inspired Flavor

Your bowls won’t know what hit them.

Blue bell I love cereal

Blue Bell

Sorry mama, Blue Bell is giving us permission to eat ice cream for breakfast. 

The Texas-based creamery is celebrating National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (Saturday, February 4) with the release of a fun new ice cream flavor, I ❤Cereal, available now for a limited time. 

Blue Bell describes its I ❤Cereal creation as a delicious ice cream with the flavor of fruity cereal, combined with confetti  sprinkles and coated fruity cereal pieces. 

“What better way to start your day than with an ice cream inspired by cereal,” Carl Breed, Blue Bell general sales manager, said in a news release. “It is a great combination of two popular foods. Our new I ❤Cereal is a mixture of vanilla ice cream to represent the milk, and fruity cereal pieces just like you would enjoy in your bowl for breakfast.” 

I ❤Cereal is available in the pint size only while supplies last.

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