Reyna Roberts' Fighting Spirit

The country musician joins us for this week’s episode.

Reyna Roberts Biscuits & Jam Podcast Interview
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Reyna Roberts talks with Sid Evans about her background as a high-school wrestler, how she credits her parents with her rise to fame, and much more.

Get to Know Reyna Roberts

Reyna Roberts was born in Alaska, and since her mom and dad were both in the military, the family often relocated when she was growing up. They eventually settled in Alabama, and Reyna's obsession with music never waned. She learned to play piano at eight years old and has brought different influences like classic rock and pop into her brand of country music. Reyna has continued to gain traction, joining CMT's Next Women of Country for 2021.

What Reyna Roberts Talks About in This Episode

*Living in Alaska

*Growing Up in a Military Family

*Favorite Things About Alabama

*Being a High School Wrestler

*Moving to Nashville During a Pandemic

*Hopes to Play at Awards Shows in the Future

*What Being Southern Means to Her

Quotes from Reyna Roberts

"I tell people I was raised by wolves. It wasn't just my parents. It was their friends who were also in the military, but I feel like they all raised me collectively. And I feel like having parents in the military has shaped me in a way that I'm really determined. I'm really purposeful. I don't seem probably like a 'fighter,' but like I have a fighting spirit in me and I believe that's from my parents, being in the military and their backgrounds."

"That was actually from my mom. She was in school at the time and she talked to her professors and they created a program where they play different genres of music every week. So one week would be country, the next week would be rock, the next week would be classical, and all the genres of music. And because of that, I was able to actually sing before I even started talking. So I was singing and humming. And so when people ask me, 'How long have you been singing?' And I tell them 'my whole life,' I genuinely mean my whole life. I've always sang. I've been listening to music my whole life."

-Reyna Roberts

"They put me in piano when I was 8-years-old. And it's funny because I definitely did not like it at first. I did not want to play. But then two lessons in, I was like, 'I love it, this is my life.' I feel like the way that they shaped me as a musician, not only the piano lessons, but continuing to immerse me in different genres It wasn't just as a baby, that was my whole life. They played the Chicks and Gretchen Wilson and DMX and Prince and Led Zeppelin. They played everything. And that's what shaped me as an artist. That's why when people hear me sing or they hear my music, you hear a whole lot of different influences because of them. I give them all the credit."

— -Reyna Roberts

"Nobody can beat my nana's cooking, I'm convinced. My nana, she's a minister. And it's funny because my mom doesn't really know how to cook, but my nana can cook like anything. Growing up she made some pound cake. She made all the things, like banana pudding, biscuits, yams with the marshmallows, greens, everything, all the things."

"By next year I would love to be able to perform at award shows. I just want to have a song that can resonate with people. I want to create a song that can outlive me. And so that is really my goal. That's really what I want. I want to have a song that I'm so in love with I can hear myself singing it 20 years from now. And even when I'm gone, it's a song that people will remember and a song that they love. So that's what I hope to create in this next year."

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