Parker McCollum on Growing Up in Texas and His Family's Influence on His Career

The musician joins this week's Biscuits & Jam.

Parker McCollum

Get to Know Parker McCollum

Parker McCollum spent childhood summers working on his grandfather's ranch and listening to classic country music. He started writing songs with the guidance of his older brother and played his first gig at 16-years-old, but it wasn't until he moved to Austin, Texas, that he knew that he had found his calling as an artist. On this episode, Parker talks about his mother's cooking, his commitment to writing songs that stand the test of time, his sold out Houston Rodeo show, and the first time he heard George Strait sing Amarillo By Morning.

What Parker Talks About In This Episode

*On growing up in Conroe, Texas

*On moving to Nashville, Tennessee

*Spending summers working on the ranch

*The influence of his father and grandfather

*His album "Hollywood Gold" and the significance of the title

*His mom's cooking

*Being inspired by George Strait

Quotes from Parker

"Conroe was great. I miss it all the time. When I lived there growing up, I couldn't wait to get out, now all I want to do is go back. It's kind of funny how that works out."

Parker mccollum

 I think Mom always loved taking care of everybody, and cooking for everybody, and having them over. She always welcomed my friends to the house, and always made sure we were fed... she has a true knack for that.

— Parker mccollum

"My dad is such an influence on me. I look up to him so much, my best friend in the world. And when you're a kid, you don't think about those influences like that, and you get a little older and you grow up a little bit, and you start to realize ... the reason that I'm able to do anything or have any sort of knowledge or hustle or work ethic is because of those people in my life."

"I remember one time I was in high school, my mom got really into making crème brûlée, and for several months, I'd come home from school every day and just stuff my face with crème brûlée out of the fridge. But she'd been a great cook my whole life."

"I can just remember being so young and hearing Amarillo by Morning for the first time and that intro lick on the fiddle just being so captivating. I was so mesmerized by that song and that melody. And that's really the earliest I can remember of him."

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