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Jimmie Allen joins us on this week's Biscuits & Jam.

Jimmie Allen
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Jimmie Allen joins us on Biscuits & Jam to talk about growing up in Delaware, his love of fishing, and his family's Christmas traditions at Disney World. Plus, how he has been influenced by the strength of his mother and grandmother.

Get to Know Jimmie Allen

Jimmie Allen was born and raised in Delaware, where his family introduced him to both country music and church music at an early age. He moved to Nashville in 2007, but struggled before his big break —at one point, living in his car. In 2020, he released a critically-acclaimed EP called ​Bettie James. One of his most popular tracks, "This Is Us" featuring Noah Cyrus, is about a love that never quite happened earlier in life, supported by a melody you can't forget.

What Jimmie Allen Talks About in This Episode

  • Growing up in Delaware
  • His love of fishing
  • His family's Christmas traditions at Disney World
  • How he's been influenced by the strength of his mother and grandmother

Quotes from Jimmie Allen

"I started playing piano at church and it was ... where I really just kind of fell in love with not only singing but performing, even though, you know, I would get told tons of times being in front of people at the church is worship, not a show. I was still trying to entertain a little bit, you know? Gotta, gotta keep the people happy, got to give God a reason to hang out, you know?"

—Jimmie allen

"You know, when you kind of go through things, you appreciate it more when you get it. Because I'm not afraid of failure. And I feel like failing isn't when someone tells you no, you know, for me, failure is when you quit."

— —Jimmie allen

"We're all human, we all bleed. We all have our heart broken. We all get happy. We're all going to die one day. That's just a fact. And it's cool to see some of the world and the country start to kind of wake up to the fact of, yeah, there is some things that Black people go through."

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