Kane Brown's Love For Country Music

On this week's episode, the country star talks about his Georgia roots, Alan Jackson’s influence on his music, and his Nana’s special Christmas punch.

Kane Brown
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Get to Know Kane Brown

Raised in the small town of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, just outside of Chattanooga, Kane Brown is now playing stadiums all over the country and electrifying audiences with his deep voice and his powerful catalog of hit songs. Ever since he burst onto the scene with "Used to Love You Sober" in 2014, he's been receiving awards and building a loyal fan base, as well as a reputation as a guy with a big heart. On this week's episode, he talks about growing up with a Harley-riding grandmother who was a detective, the encouragement he received from his middle-school friend Lauren Alaina, Alan Jackson's influence on his music, and why he loves working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

What Kane Brown Talks About in This Episode

*Growing up in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

*Being raised by his mother, Tabitha

*Celebrating holidays with the family

*The Georgia Bulldogs

*The encouragement he received from childhood friend, Lauren Alaina

*Raising his two daughters

*Spending childhood with his grandmother

*Nana's special Christmas punch.

*Giving back to the community

*Making a difference with the Boys and Girls Club of America

Quotes from Kane Brown

"My Mamaw used to make these homemade biscuits and salmon patties, which I always loved. And every time I go back home, she always has them ready for me."

kane brown

I've seen a lot more artists come in with color or that look a little bit different and I love it. I just put my head down and I keep doing my thing. The more I succeed, and the more that these other artists start to succeed, the more doors open.

— kane brown

"Nana was a sheriff and a detective. She would take me for drives in her police car, and I would go down to the police station all the time, so the cops always knew who I was. And made me feel special...My Nana would be like, 'You never wanna be here.' I had that positivity of being in the jail but not being in the jail so I feel like that was very important in my life. She was just a strong woman."

"I've waited this time [before playing back home in Georgia] because I didn't want to go back home and play and not be able to give them a show that people were gonna be, like, 'WOW'. I feel like we did that. I will tell you I do not remember going on stage and I do not remember coming off."

"My Pop was a Tennessee fan but my Granddaddy was a Georgia fan. So, it's been fun watching the Dogs, for the last couple of years."

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