Amy Grant's Life of Faith

The legendary Christian musician joins Biscuits & Jam.

Amy Grant
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Amy Grant joins Sid Evans on Biscuits & Jam to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Heart In Motion. As one of the South's most recognizable and influential talents, Amy Grant grew up with a deep connection to the church and her faith and discusses how it has influenced her career and her life out of the spotlight.

Get to Know Amy Grant

Amy Grant released her first album in 1977 before she even turned 18. The first Christian music album to ever go platinum, Amy's record took her from Christian music star to contemporary pop icon and spawned massive hit singles like "Baby Baby," "Good For Me," "Every Heartbeat," and "That's What Love Is For."

What Amy Grant Talks About in This Episode

*Moving Around a Lot Growing Up

*Her Love of Christmas

*Cooks in the Family

*Growing Up in the Church

*30th Anniversary of Heart in Motion

*Life on the Farm

*Her Christmas Show Tradition

Quotes from Amy Grant

"I just love the togetherness. I'm not going to quote it exactly, but I've watched the Christmas movie, "The Family Stone" many times. And I know there's one scene toward the end of the movie and it's something like, 'so what's so special about your family?' And they say, 'well, it's not any more special than anybody else's family's. It's just ours. It's just our family.' And honestly, my family was not loud and raucous. I mean, I'm pretty quiet and I think my sisters would call me the wild one. All things are relative, but I just love the gathering. That was really it."

-Amy Grant

"I was born into a family that went to church Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night. And my earliest memories of church-going were a feeling of just incredible security. I loved the music. I loved the feeling of my hand in my mom's hand. I loved the sound of my father's voice singing. I loved my mom's voice. I mean, to me, a church was really all about a feeling of security because we returned to it so frequently."

— -Amy Grant

"What we used to say about my mother's cooking is that she was a good cook. But we would say, if she's created something you love, enjoy it to the fullest. You're never going to have that exact same dish again because she would always kind of go, you know, off map... And I would also have to say that my father's mother had legendary yeast rolls."

"I hear it from people my own age, 'that was what we danced to, my kids and me.' And you know what? That was happening in my home, too. That's why I made that record, because I had young children. I was pregnant with my second during the writing of a lot of it. And then she was born. I toured when she was one. And by then, my son was 3. But to me, it's just filled with youthful energy and innocence and how faith helped navigate that journey – and it's all on that record."

"I just love the tradition continuing. You know, we've done those shows most years since 1993. And in that time, generations have passed on and been born and so many families come–and it's grandparents, parents, children–and just to watch that shift over all these years. It's almost 30 years. Vince and I just sort of created the gathering. But, we've had a lot of special guests over the years. And mostly people just want a beautiful setting to be together and to enjoy the familiar songs. And they want to laugh and they want to be moved and they want to be reminded and want to feel hopeful. That's a fun time of year for us."

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