Nikki Lane On Her Friendship With Loretta Lynn And Her New Album, ‘Denim & Diamonds’

Nikki Lane

Joey Martinez

About Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane is an artist who some call the “First Lady of Outlaw Country.” She grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, running around outside and riding four-wheelers before heading off to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion. Then, while living in New York City, a breakup led her to write her first batch of songs and she was on her way to Nashville. We’ll also talk about her friendship with Loretta Lynn and her new album, ‘Denim & Diamonds.’

What Nikki Lane Talks About On This Episode

  • Growing up in Greenville, South Carolina
  • Being raised by a single mom
  • Growing up and being outside
  • Seeking community even as a child in the church
  • Living in Los Angeles and New York City
  • Her grandfather's influence on her music career
  • My grandmother's famous biscuits
  • Celebrating the holidays and the traditions
  • Her tradition of Christmas Fits
  • Her dad racing motorcross
  • Collaborating with Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys
  • Moving to Nashville
  • Experience with Loretta Lynn
  • Her latest album 'Denim & Diamonds'

Quotes From Nikki Lane

"My mom's dad, Cecil Haer, hung the moon for all of us girls. It was a house full of girls... But, he was kind of like my hero. Like I said, when my dad was kind of falling short during the divorce he just stepped right up. And he just always had our back, and he was really interested in all the gospel quartets, and so we would go out." - Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane

I cook for people to show them my love, and I barely spend any time with them once they're at the house other than in the kitchen shooing them around. And I just caught it from my grandmother honest. It's the love language of hosting,

— Nikki Lane

"There's beauty in imperfection. And so I do embrace that I'm still not that good at guitar, and I don't even want to be because if I were good at it, I'd be really good at it. It's like, 'I'm just going to focus on being good at these other 11 things that have got me very busy, and hope that you guys don't notice that' " - Nikki Lane

"Loretta was like everyone's grandma. Like in that way of, almost every woman that's ever sang in anywhere close to our genre of music is thankful for her and credits her as part of our path. Like I said, finding out about her from a little bit of a different angle, there was just a huge nostalgia in her legacy." - Nikki Lane

"Being Southern has taught me such a love language for being able to try to relate to the different people around me, being open-minded to unique experiences that can come from a very simple place. And finding ways to share all that connectivity between those people, it makes me want to get out of being Southern, but makes me always remember back that my roots come from a place of planting seeds and harvesting, and how much that can do for even just one life." - Nikki Lane

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