Lauren Daigle On Growing Up In Lafayette, LSU Traditions, And Her New Album

Lauren Daigle on Biscuits & Jam

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About Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, where she enjoyed fishing with her dad, dancing to Cajun music with her grandparents, and rooting for LSU with her entire family – even the ones that went to Louisiana Tech. And while the rich musical traditions of Cajun country influenced her, it was really the two years she spent sick and homebound as a teenager that led her to pursue her dream career. With a new self-titled album coming out and a growing legion of fans, Daigle is now sharing her soulfully raspy voice and her deeply held faith with the world.

What Lauren Daigle Talks About In This Episode

  • Growing up in Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Hunting and fishing with her dad as a child
  • Her love of deep sea fishing
  • Her dad's shrimp and grits
  • Best biscuits at Edie's Biscuits in Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Moving to Nashville, Tennessee
  • Learning Cajun French and her grandfather
  • Getting sick as a child and finding faith and peace
  • Her love of LSU, which started with her grandparents
  • How Covid shaped her new album
  • Her family's compassion for helping children
  • The beauty in waiting
  • Performing for people who really need her music and her songs
  • Southern hospitality
  • Her brand new album

Quotes From Lauren Daigle

"You know what's really special about hunting and fishing, is it makes you slow down. You have to be slow. You have to be patient. You have to wait. You get to observe. You get to be still. You get to hear the leaves rustling. You get to hear the crickets chirping. The silence of the woods, the silence of being out in the middle of the water is just so beautiful. And I think in the business of life and in the, the chaos that life can bring, those are the places that I go to get re-centered and refocused. It's just in that, the abyss of nature, in the best way is the spot where I can find ultimate peace." - Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle

Some of my greatest memories are hunting with my dad, it was just the two of us. I was always a mama's girl. We were cut from the same cloth. But it was really special when I was a little girl, going on these trips with my dad and getting that one-on-one quality time. There was nothing like it. And now, even as an adult, like those are the moments that I so deeply look forward to.

— Lauren Daigle

"Everything is so instant. And I think we need to write a song that actually celebrates the beauty of waiting, because when you wait for something, that's when your passion for it actually gets to build and grow. That's when the thing that you're waiting for becomes more and more precious to you, because you know the value of taking time. Time becomes something really, really precious in the process of waiting. And I just want to write a song about that. So we get into the writing room and it becomes a song that is somewhat geared toward waiting for a loved one, waiting for the chance to feel loved, the waiting for the chance to have that type of soul interaction with someone. That's one part of the equation. But I feel like waiting in and of itself is just a beautiful gift, that sometimes we, in our instant culture, try to blaze past." - Lauren Daigle

"The first thing I think of in being Southern is this one word that we will all know very well: hospitality. And I told someone the other day, here's the deal. We can get a, a bad rap in certain ways for being slow or saying 'bless your heart,' things like that, whatever, being the simple folk. But I think our hospitality and the way that being from Louisiana, we grew up, it wasn't like, 'Oh here, I'm just gonna slap some food on the table.' There was passion poured into every meal. There was love poured into every meal." - Lauren Daigle

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