Danielle Bradbery On Tamales, Her Texas Roots, And Upcoming Tour

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About Danielle Bradbery

In this episode, we talk to singer/songwriter Danielle Bradbery who has a remarkable story – and a whole lot of Texas spirit. Danielle Bradbery won season 4 of ‘The Voice’ ten years ago,  when she was just 16-years-old, and she’s still the youngest person to have ever won the show. She credits the guidance of Blake Shelton, who spun around the minute he heard her voice, as well as the support of her family and her hometown of Cypress, Texas.

What Danielle Bradbery Talks About In This Episode

  • Growing up in Cypress, Texas, a real life version of 'Friday Night Lights'
  • Family holiday tradition of tamales
  • The influence of her parents on her life and career
  • Music in her childhood
  • Her new single "A Special Place"
  • Her grandparents cooking
  • Church being an influence on her musical career
  • Her experience on being the youngest winner on 'The Voice' and Blake Shelton's influence
  • Moving to Nashville and learning about songwriting
  • Collaborating with Thomas Rhett and Jordan Davis
  • Upcoming tour "A Special Place"
  • Dream of playing a show at the Houston Rodeo

Quotes From Danielle Bradbery

"Growing up, and having a Southern family, it means a lot...Every time I go home, it's definitely just nice being home and I will always be humbled and carry that with me for the rest of my life. It means a lot to me to be Southern." - Danielle Bradbery

Danielle Bradbery

I still am so thankful for my hometown. All around town, they had these huge, massive watch parties, and people put together these YouTube videos of every location, everybody watching that finale. And, I mean, there was just thousands of people and I still get so emotional watching those videos if I do come across them, because there were so many people watching this little 16-year-old about to win, or maybe not win this huge, massive show... One of the big watch parties was at our community church. And at that one, my sister, my best friends, they were all front row. And as soon as they called my name, the whole place just erupted. And then watching my sister just break down, it was awesome. Cypress has definitely been my biggest supporter.

"I was your average girl in high school in Cypress, Texas. I was not your popular girl whatsoever. I knew everybody, I was nice to everybody, but I was hitting my awkward years, and I wasn't great in school, which is something that I like to voice, because I know a lot of kids struggle, and I was one of those kids. I struggled so bad in school, and I remember doing summer school, I remember having tutors all the time, and again, I was not the popular kid, I was never in choir, I was never in any of that stuff.. Going on ‘The Voice,’ and doing that whole thing, it was literally a complete 180." - Danielle Bradbery

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