Chase Rice’s Latest Album Is A Tribute To His Late Father

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About Chase Rice

On this episode of Biscuits & Jam, Chase Rice talks about how he somehow made his way from the football field to the top of the charts in country music. Chase Rice was a star linebacker in high school who ended up playing at the University of North Carolina, but an injury dashed his dreams of going to the NFL. He didn’t write his first song until he was in college, shortly after his father died, an event that continues to shape his life. He spent time working in NASCAR pit crews, was a contestant on the television show ‘Survivor,’ and finally made his way to Nashville, where he co-wrote a hit song with Florida Georgia Line. Now, after wrestling with some demons and having time to reflect during the pandemic, he’s got a new album with what he says are some of the best songs he’s ever written. It’s called “I Hate Cowboys and All Dogs Go to Hell,” and there’s a picture of his dad on the cover.

What Chase Rice Talks About On This Episode

  • His path to country music
  • The death of his father
  • A promising high school and college football career cut short
  • Working in NASCAR pit crews
  • Being a contestant on ‘Survivor’
  • Co-writing the hit song "Cruise" with Florida Georgia Line
  • His new and sixth album, I hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell
  • Mom being the cook in the family
  • Importance of the holidays
  • Outdoors being a part of his childhood
  • His strong faith

Quotes From Chase Rice

"Just playing music really brought me to life when I was so miserable." - Chase Rice

Chase Rice

Be honest with people. Shake their hand. Tell them the truth. Look them in the eye when you're talking to them. For me, that's being who I was raised to be by my mom and dad.

— Chase Rice

"Cowboys and dogs are the theme of this record, just because that's where I am in life. I've got my ranch in Tennessee. I love the West. I always have. I was wearing cowboy hats to prom in high school. I grew up around horses. I'm not claiming to be a cowboy by any means, but that way of life and that lifestyle was how I grew up and how I was raised. And I think I've just settled into who I was put on this earth to be." - Chase Rice

"I started writing songs that were good quality songs with an acoustic guitar, the way I did it 10 years before. It kind of felt like, alright, when we wrote “Cruise,” we weren't trying to write “Cruise.” We were just three guys in a room with acoustic guitars. It popped out and it was like, 'That's cool.' That's what happened on this ‘I Hate Cowboys…’ record." - Chase Rice

"It was an honor to be able to play that song on The Opry, in that circle, 10 or 12 years later, after I've done this thing. Finally singing songs that I really, genuinely care about. I'm not sitting around there trying to entertain. I was just singing a song. And it would have been one I think he {dad) would be proud of. And I think it'd have been a moment in my career that he would be very proud of." - Chase Rice

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