Brothers Osborne Talk Family, Whiskey, And Willie Nelson

Brothers Osborne

About This Episode

John and T.J. Osborne of the country duo Brothers Osborne were born and raised in Deale, Maryland. In this episode, they share how their parents showed them the way to playing music in a small waterside town that seemingly straddles the North and the South, not only geographically, but culturally, as well. We’ll also talk about T.J.’s experience as one of the only openly gay musicians in country music and how his coming out impacted the duo.

What Brothers Osborne Talk About In This Episode

  • Growing up in the small town of Deale, Maryland
  • Spending their childhood by the water
  • The influence their parents had on their music
  • T.J. coming out as one of the only openly gay musicians in country music
  • Partnering with WhistlePig to launch a new rye whiskey
  • Moving to Nashville
  • Strong relationship and connection with their fans
  • Working with and getting to know Leslie Jordan

Quotes From Brothers Osborne

"Through a song, you could make someone cry. Through a song, you can make someone laugh or dance or party or ... Even though it seems at times just for pure entertainment, it's not really that. You see the real power in what music actually provides everyone's daily lives." - John Osborne

"I think finding that balance of work life and family life and brother life has been crucial." - T.J. Osborne

John Osborne

I was beaming with pride. I looked around at our community. I looked around at our friends and our contemporaries within the industry. And there was so much outreach. I'm sure T.J. got a lot more than I did, but people would text me directly to say how proud they were of T.J. – of us. And it felt like our town, our friends and family, and then the fans, and then the country music community at large was just lifting us up on their shoulders. And I love this genre. I love this music. I love writing it, I love playing it. We've been listening and playing this music since we could walk and talk. It just made me love it that much more. - John Osborne

— John Osborne

"When you finally get what you're looking forward to, you realize that the things that matter most have been there all along. And that's your friends and your family. And that's the feeling of acceptance and love. And those things supersede any type of awards or monetary success or anything like that." - John Osborne

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